Fresh Daddy Opens Mega Salon As Son Fresh Kid Is First Customer

Barely three months on the music scene, an upcoming musician Fresh Daddy real name Mutabazi Paul has started investing the money he has earned in music.

The singer opened up a multi-million unisex salon along the Ntinda-Bukoto road which he named Mazike Unisex Salon and will be offering services to men, women and children with his son rapper Fresh Kid as its ambassador. The 8-year-old rapper was one of the first clients when it opened doors.

During its grand opening on Monday, the ‘Mazike’ singer said he wants fellow celebrities to be his biggest clients and that the saloon will be offering his former wife Madrine Namata (Fresh Kid’s mother) services at a discount and sometimes will be receiving free services.

“I will be giving Fresh Kid’s mummy an offer. If she wants to change her looks we will always give her free services. She is the mother of my celebrity son and has also given me many children. Beauty care service is the least I can do for her” he said.

Fresh Daddy confirmed that this isn’t his first venture in the saloon business because he once owned a salon back in Luweero although it wasn’t as big as the newly opened one.

Not forgetting the pedicure and manicure business which has been his means of livelihood before stardom, Mutabazi is planning on having a manicure and pedicure section at the salon and whenever he will be free, he will be attending to customers himself.

You may be wondering where he got the money to start up such a mega business in Kampala City. He has been saving from the few different shows he has performed at since the release of his ‘Mazike’ and ‘Obucupa’ songs and also used the money he has received from people like Mama Fina, MP Muhammad Nsereko among other people who have been coming to his rescue .

With two songs already under his name, Paul Mutabazi has been able to start up a big business  if he manages to stay relevant in the music industry, he is set to get bigger things.

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