Fresh Kid’s Dubai And Abu Dhabi Shows Hang In Balance After Promoter Threatens To Cancel Them

A few days ago, rapper Fresh Kid was on cloud nine after landing his first ever international gigs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi cities slated for 7th and 8th of July. He took to social media to share his excitement and the fans were happy for him over that milestone but from the look of things, the shows might be cancelled.

This is mainly because of the fact that the rapper’s father has seen this as an opportunity to travel with the son yet the shows’ promoter, one Dj Rham only booked two tickets. One for the artiste and his manager.

The rapper’s father who recently took control over the son from the manager said that if he is to allow him to perform at these shows, he has to be part of his (Fresh Kid’s) entourage although the promoter is not willing to facilitate him

“I have got some issues with Fresh Kid’s father who has brought this whole situation in the news. When I was booking Fresh Kid, I booked him through his manager Francis and we agreed that the boy has to come and perform at the events but after I booked, his parents were involved in disagreements” Dj Rham said in video clip

The promoter therefore wants Fresh Kid’s dad to come out and make it clear whether he just doesn’t want his son to perform at the shows so that he cancels them. He also advised him to let the artiste and manager do their thing.

On top of not willing to facilitate Fresh Kid’s father, the promoter says that his customers who are interested in coming for the shows don’t want to set an eye on the father whom they accuse of not letting the rapper and his management do their thing.

“The reason I say that I don’t want Fresh Kid’s father to be at the show is, my customers who are willing to come for my shows don’t want him because of the fact that he took control over the artiste which created anger in people’s hearts and that is why you see everyone is commenting negatively about the father of social media.” The 

Fresh Kid’s Dubai and Abu Dhabi shows hang in balance after promoter threatens to cancel them because of his father who badly wants to travel with him




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