Fresh Kid’s Father Finally Bows Down To Social Media Pressure, Allows Rapper To Travel Without Him

Some weeks ago, social media played a big role in saving the Mbarara town cow statue commonly known as (Amahembe G’ente). There was an attempt to replace the cow with metallic structures which were shaped like cow horns although they were later removed after social media users furiously showed their dissatisfaction. 

A few days ago, social media played yet another big role in overpowering budding rapper Fresh Kid’s father.

After being criticized for denying his son the opportunity to travel to perform at shows in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the USA over insisting that he wanted to travel with the rapper against the shows promoters’ will, Mr Paul Mutabaazi  finally give his son a green light to go ahead and travel without him. As a matter of fact, he entrusted Fresh Kid’s manager with his son on top of blessing them during their stay abroad .

“I trust the manger with my son and I will escort them to the airport when the day comes. I talked to manager Kamoga to talk to the promoter in Dubai that I will be staying so the shows are on,” said the father in an interview with a local TV station.

He however added that insisting on travelling with his son for the shows abroad was entirely not his decision but one spearheaded by Mr Pius Bigirimana the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Gender.

Earlier on, Mr Paul had sworn that if he is denied a chance to travel with his son and the manager, the shows should better be cancelled.

More to that, renowned spiritual healer Maama Fiina has come out and pledged to give Fresh Kid’s father Ug Shs 3 million to help him boost his pedicure and manicure business.

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