Fresh Kid’s Mother Seeks President Museveni’s Protection Over Minister Nakiwala Kiyingi

Rapper Fresh Kid is the hottest Item right now in the music Industry. At 7 years, the youngster has already caused a storm in the country and he clearly wants to pursue his music career.

A few weeks ago, the Minister of Youth and Children’s Affairs Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi had issued an order that the youngster hangs up his microphone and concentrate on school over reasons that he spends so much time doing media interviews during the day and performing in bars which in not allowed for a young child like him according to the law.

The minister later met with Fresh Kid and his management and agreed that he stops the day media interviews and performing in bars. She also secured a vacancy for the rapper in a new school

However, his mother Mrs Madrine Namata says that the Minister is using her position as a minister to block her son from pursuing his rapping career. She has since then cried to  President Museveni to intervene and listen to their side of the story

Madrine while speaking to the media last evening, termed the minister’s intervention in her son’s career as disrespectful and dictating in her own home.

We are kindly asking his excellency president Museveni to avail us some time and meet us so that he can hear our side of the story because we are mistreated. If it is possible, we ask the honourable minister to listen to us again. When we were in her office, she seemed ok with us but after we left, things are hard on our side. At first she thought that my son wasn’t attending school but she was recently at his school and registers indicate that he attends school so we don’t know what she wants exactly” Madrine said in an interview with an online Television

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