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FUFA President Moses Magogo Proposes To ‘New’ Girlfriend


FUFA President Moses Magogo last evening decided to propose to his longtime girlfriend Dellah Sally.

Magogo has been head over heels with Dally despite the fact that he has a wife and children with wife number one.

Dorah is fast surpassing wife number as she’s now more popular than her. Dorah Dellah Sally is not only known to the people running the administration of Uganda’s football, she has also been able to tag herself as Magogo’s girlfriend even in public. In fact, whenever he’s invited for events, she’s always with him.

The proposal comes days after he surprised her during her birthday with a party that had mostly her friends and family members. It was also the same case when Dellah also surprised him when he added a year on his age.

A few months ago, Dellah opened up to one of the tabloid papers and said she’s not working on splitting Magogo with his first family but threw some jibes saying she’s now the family.

“There is nothing like Magogo’s family. Moses has kids just like any other man but does that mean he has a family,” she said.

She also added that she’s not a cougar like what most people have been branding her. “I am not a cougar that I pay him to move with me in public, he loves me because of what I give him.”


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