Fun And Unwinding Rock Nyege Nyege Festival 2017

All photos By Habre Muriisa/Chano8

After three days of nonstop parting, slaying and enjoying different live performances at the Jinja based Nile Discovery Beach which is in hide out as we would say, we are comfortable to say that Nyege Nyege Festival 2017 was total blast and in case you are one of the people who attended, you will agree with Chano8 that it was just fun despite the fact that rain kind of interrupted some activities.

There were more than 200 performers and yesterday the 3rd of September marked the last day and artistes like Maro, Shane Palko, Ekuka and Abongai, Marushka, Waka Stars, Maata and Group among very many others put up nice performances.

Maro performing

Maata and Group performing

Waka Stars performing

Maro and Shane Palko

It started off on Friday which was the arrival day that saw different kinds of people from all walks of life thronging the venue with their belongings ready for a three day holiday. Finding a place to sleep was the first thing on everyone’s mind and people were seen hiring tents and booking the best spots at the camping sites.

This went on up to a few minutes past 4 PM when Dj Aluda took to the wheels of steel and catalysed the revellers’ party moods with live Dj Mixes before singers Haka Mukiga, Ecko Bazz and Nemsis among many others later did their performances as well. Like usual, performances would go on the whole night long and fans were always there to cheer up the artistes.

However, it was not about the performances on the (main stage) that attracted the crowd but also three other stages which had no artistes to showcase but just had Djs playing all kinds of music which fans danced to as they smoked and drunk on the drinks of their choice.

Leaving the performances and other things alone, there were other activities like exhibition, mural painting, face paiting among many others.

Apart from just being the ‘irresistible urge to dance’ that brings the most cutting edge musical acts from around Africa and beyond in a magical setting on the shores of the river Nile in Jinja Uganda, Nyege Nyege festival is an event where party animals go to have a piece of mind and unwind from the Kampala stress and to the other internationals, this is a good holiday destination.

Haka Mukiga Performing

Ecko Bazz performing


Nemsis Performing



Ekuka (in black) and Abongai performing


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