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Fun Factory Celebrates 2015’s Achievements At The Edge Of The Year Party

Two words can only describe Fan Factory, ‘very funny’. No wonder these many talented souls teamed up to become the hottest comedy group in Uganda. The sky is just the limit. Over the weekend, the group took time off to an island, Lakeside Adventure Park which they dubbed The Edge of the year party. As is when on holiday, they marveled at the relaxed ambience of the park including its sights and sounds. 


Anne Kansiime (center) chilling with Bagaya


Hannington Bugiingo (Black cap) and Veronica Tindi (Right) enjoying the boat cruise

Richard Tuwangye, one of the founders of the group had this to say. “When the rest of the world is having their own festivities, we are the ones entertaining them, individual talents get busy in December, so we can only celebrate our previous year’s achievements in January. We call it the Edge Of the Year party”.


Fan Factory enjoying the boat cruise


Meal time


Isaac Kudzu, Anne Kansiime and Hannington Bugingo posing for photos


Some of the members in the relaxation mood


Anne Kansiime


Some of the activities they participated in


Dickson Ziziznga fixing something as Anne Kansiime looks on


The ladies having a good time


Fan Factory posing for a ‘selfie’


A few of the members posing for a photo

IMG-20160126-WA0005 IMG-20160126-WA0010 IMG-20160126-WA0012 IMG-20160126-WA0013

In addition, Tuwanje also had this to say; “In 2015, it got clear to us that we have a cross section of audience that can’t be served by only one weekly show, so expect more products that are designed to serve different audiences in Kampala and some of our up country strong holds”.

Going by the last statement, we can only assume that this year Fun Factory is going to be bigger and better.

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