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When Fun Factory Honored Mentor Kwezi Kaganda

When you have been on stage for close to fifty years, you command a level of respect from all the people in the field. Fun Factory noticed this, and at the 5 Star Madness Show at Kampala Serena Hotel last Thursday, they honoured veteran Kwezi Kaganda with the reward worth his experience, in a finely framed portrait painting of him and the whole crew.


A scene from the 5 Star madness show

When the show was almost done, Richard Tuwangye took centre stage to welcome the veteran, and he did just alright, considering the intro took close to five minutes.

“He has been there for us, he carried me while I was a baby, carried Frobisher while he was a baby, taught us all, ushered us into the industry. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Kwezi Kaganda!” Tuwangye concluded his lengthy but apt intro.

In stepped Kwezi Kagand from backstage. His walk reflected the familiarity with the stage. He swaggered onto the stage, welcome by Tuwangye, Tindi and Frobisher who incidentally were his students back in Namasagali College. He was calm, composed, and smartly dressed. The crew held up the portrait, and presented it to the classy man.


Kwesi Kaganda (R) being honored by Funfactory

“I am really touched and honoured that I am receiving this gift from Fun Factory” Kwezi calmly summed up his joy.

Ronnie Vex, a stand-up comedian with Fun Factory said Kwezi was the embodiment of mentorship.
“We look to him. He is welcoming, accommodative and wants to see you excel. He always wants to see you make the next step” Vex told Chano8.

Kwezi was joined by former workmate and close friend, the legendary ‘Corporal Kute’ formerly of The Ebonies. The audience gave Kwezi a solid ovation, as the veteran carried his accolade and left the stage.

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