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Fun Factory Shut Down National Theatre With A Rib Cracking Show

People often say don’t make promises you cannot keep and don’t say something unless you mean it. When Fun Factory promised a rib cracking performance, they weren’t kidding or neither were they just throwing words.

When dusk fell and the lights were lit in the National theatre, history was rewritten, legends were made and ribs were broken. The show was breathtaking from the first minutes to the last. These comedians gave their fans more than their money’s worth. It’s no wonder they are the front runners in the comedy industry, they don’t take anything for granted, delivering ecstatic performances night in and out, is one of  the things they strive for.

Fun Factory's show yesterday was completely sold out.

Fun Factory’s show yesterday was completely sold out.

According to one of the comedians Emma Kakai, last night was legendary and the group is overwhelmed with the continuous love and support from their fans because without them they wouldn’t be able to do what they love most.

If you missed out on yesterday’s performance worry not, Fun Factory always has shows at the National theatre every Thursday evening, so endeavor to catch the next one.

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