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Funny Memes: Social Media Users Give Freshers Tips On University Life 

It is August and every time this month comes around, majority of local universities be welcoming freshers and we are comfortable to say that the long vacation after senior six is finally done. Chano8 and Chano8 Conekt take this platform to welcome all the freshers in your respective universities.

What may be perceived as hard life at campus has been wanting for you and this is the time to face it and as you enjoy your orientation week. Be ready for what we call serious lectures but social media users have taken it on another level with what seems like tips on how to live to the university life

Since last week, social media platforms with Twitter taking the lead have been on fire as users have been posting funny memes in a hash tag named #HeyFreshers.

Scrolling through these memes/tweets, you will find yourself laughing alone as well as getting hooked to your phone to see them all.

#HeyFreshers it’s not a must taking your chic to javas take her to freedom square , that green environment is so perfect for dating” One meme from a  Twitter user identified as Aupal Emmanuel‏  read

#HeyFreshers Those joining Makerere , don’t go around telling everyone that you are from there, it’s not an advertising billboard” Another meme from the same person read

Here are more memes that we found so interesting for the HeyFreshers hash tag

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