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Gagamel Cards Launched For ‘Best Of Bebe Cool’ Concert

Bebe and Zuena display the Gagamel cards

Bebe and Zuena display the Gagamel cards

A first of it’s kind electronic ticketing system has been launched for the ‘Best of Bebe Cool’ Concert slated for August 8th at Kampala Serena Hotel. The Gagamel Cards that work like any other financial card, are designed to abate Freud and forgery and avoid confusion at concert venues.

“The cards are easy to use, classy and very convenient to move with for Gagamel fans and clients” Explained Chano8 Magazine’s boss Elizabeth Mushabe while officially launching the cards today at Serena.

The cards that can also be used to transact other businesses will be used for the first time at the ‘Best Of Bebe Cool’ Concert in Kampala Serena Hotel. All the card holder needs to do is swipe at the entrance of any Bebe Cool concert after purchasing the card. The amount charged for entry fee is automatically deducted.

Excited Bebe Cool fans and Gagamel Family members rushed straight away to buy the few cards that were brought to the Press conference room for demonstration. By the end of the press conference, the limited cards were already finished.

“We are organizing a great concert that will be worth the amount charged and therefore we want it to have the best quality in a convenient environment for the fans. And because of that we are only making arrangements for 1,500 people. So the tickets will be sold on first come first serve basis.” Bebe cool who was in the company of his wife Zuena Kirema said in response to a question inquiring about choice of venue and price of concert.

Other representatives speaking on behalf of sponsors and partners praised Bebe Cool for being organised and doing great music in the last twenty or so years.

“Bebe Cool is big Size. He is’ munene munene’ for real and we are proud to associate with him as our brand Club too is big size. We will continue to pledge our support to him and the Gagamel family. We want to make this the best concert ever.” Said Samuel Hooper Club Pilsener’s Brand Manager.

The press conference room that was packed to capacity by 10 AM, comprised members of the media fraternity from leading media houses, Gagamel family, Bebe cool fans and representatives from the sponsors Chano8 Digital Magazine, SMS ONE, Pepsi, Club Pilsener, Fenom Records and Kibo Media among others.

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