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Gareth Onyango Spotted With Yet Another Mysterious Chick

Socialite Gareth Onyango paraded a mystery babe at Cricket Oval, Lugogo during the recent Blanket and Wine event. The two seemed to be so close to each other as they hardly kept an inch apart. They danced and sipped their drinks as they whispered sweet nothings to each other’s ears.

They were later seen leaving the venue with all intentions written on their faces to an unknown destination. Our snoops captured the two enjoying each other’s company.

Gareth and his ex-girlfriend Nickita called it quits last month and the couple had one daughter together. It was reported that Gareth and Nickita’s affair was on the rocks for months before they decided to part ways.

Recently, Gareth flew to South Africa to meet his former girlfriend Natasha Sally with whom they have a baby girl. They posed together and Gareth posted pictures on his social media, a thing he couldn’t do if he was really still ok with Nickita.

Gareth and Nickita started Flames Events and Marketing Company a few years ago and have been famous for bringing back dying hang out places back to life. Gareth is widely known for his club management and event organising skills. He is always draped in the latest trends and fashion yet he carries on with a down to earth manner.

At the beginning of 2018, he was no longer discreet about his cheating sprees. He even removed the passwords from his phone. He had no fear. He was on the pulse.

A reliable source told revealed to the online tabloids that A day to Valentine’s Day this year, Gareth came home after a late night of work and asked to have a chat with Nickita; “Hun, I think it is over. This is about me not you. I am moving on with my life. But you will forever be someone I loved and the mother of my kid.” was part of their chat

At this point, Nickita broke down and pleaded for forgiveness but all this fell on deaf ears. She is even still depressed. She doesn’t want to say a thing about this matter. She rarely hangs out and she feels like her whole future has been cracked

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