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Gareth Onyango Unveils New Chick After Breaking Up With Nickitah

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At the beginning of this month, city socialite Gareth Onyango made it clear to the public that his relationship with Nickita Bachu who doubles as the mother his daughter is no more. He made this revelation in an interview in the media. In his words, Gareth said “We are no more”. However Nickita has maintained her silence ever since then.

In a way to cool the breaking up stress, Gareth spends most of his time in bars. He is always at his favorite Bukoto based hangout Cayenne where he also has a theme night organised by his events company. A few days back, Gareth surprised many when he appeared hand in hand with a mistery city girl and the two sat next to each other as they exchanged a rare PDA.

Gareth looked so smitten and care free as he exchanged sweet nothings into the ear of the light skinned girl. In comparison, the girl has some striking resemblance with his ex wife Nickita which struck a debate why he always likes them light.

Gareth Onyango and his new babe

Few of his friends with whom he was with at Cayenne tried to provoke him so that he could introduce the girl and who she is to him but Gareth dodged their questions and asked them to let him be since they had come to have fun.

Nickita and Gareth were the Romeo and Juliet in their ‘good days’. The two met way back when they were still at University. In an interview they revealed how they met in bar. Gareth said that he saw a beautiful girl and fell in love instanstly. The two started staying together and ever since, they had never looked back untill their break up.

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