General Mega Dee Graduates

Different artistes have different agenda’s why they seek refuge in foreign countries but a few days ago, we got to know the main reason behind General Mega Dee’s disappearance.

The artiste famous for songs like ‘In Heaven there is no beer’, Kampala Nga Mulungi’, ‘Mundeke Nkineku’, ‘Karibu’ and ‘Mwana Muwala’ among others, went to study abroad and the latest we got is that, he has now graduated.

As others pride themselves in having Music Dance and Drama degrees, Mega Dee is a holder of a degree in Medical studies and he completed his studies in Pasadena, California USA in one of the medical schools.

Mega Dee celebrates the milestone

“The joy inside me is immeasurable. Thank you God for I sowed in tears now I accomplished a major step,” he said about the milestone. “Education has humbled me.” He took to his face book to let the world know of his accomplishment.

Whether he’s returning back to kick-start on his music career or to stay over there and practice medicine we are not yet sure but he’s now among the few educated musicians in Uganda.

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