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Geoffrey Lutaya Denies Losing Hotel Over Debts

Da NuEagles boss Geoffrey Lutaaya says he has no debt with stanblic bank. He dismisses allegations that his Durban hotel is to be attached as it was reported on social media.

Speaking on FULDOZ entertainment show on Bukedde TV, Lutaaya said reports of losing his hotel are false.

“I just saw the stories on social media. Iam shocked,I don’t know where they got the news,” he said.


Lutaya with his wife Irene at their Durban hotel

On 10th March 2016, Lutaaya appeared in commercial Court in a case with Stanbic bank over totaling up to 45 million shillings which has now risen to ug. Sh 80 million because of his failure to pay the loan he got to  finance operations of his businesses.

In court, Lutaaya was asked to pay at least Ugx. 70m and pay the balance of Ugx 10m in a week’s time.

Before, he went to court, Lutaaya had asked his former colleagues turned rivals at Golden Production to escort his (as well as raise something for him) to keep his Durban hotel.

The team at Golden Production only raised Ugx. 20m. Unfortunately, Geoffrey Lutaaya did not have even a single coin with him.

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