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Geofrey Massa Uses Pseudo Names In Hospital

Yesterday, former Uganda cranes skipper Geoffrey Massa almost lost his life after police fired shots at his car after he failed to identify himself when he was asked to. This happened in the wee hours of yesterday morning near Namboole stadium in Kireka a suburb of Kampala.

But according to Gwatiro the hospital where both Massa and the lady he was with were admitted, they never received any ‘Geofrey Massa’ which made us scratch our heads and dig for more info on the matter.

It was only the lady companion identified as Josephine Maliza who submitted in her real information but on inquiring which names the footballer submitted, we discovered that he used the alais Alex Gonza probably for fear of detection or public interest.

In trouble: Geofrey Massa the former Cranes captain 

We further learnt that after receiving first aid, the 25 year old lady was transferred to a yet-to- be- identified medical facility for further treatment while Massa on the other side faces charges of attempted murder and reckless driving.

Attempted murder because he allegedly knocked a motorcyclist known as Mr Gawaya who tried to stop him as he was getting away and reckless driving because he sped off after he saw the patrol car approaching him.

The former Uganda cranes footballer on Wednesday was shot at after he sped off his car when a police patrol car approached to ask him a few questions why he had parked at a wrong spot. 

The cyclist who was apparently knocked by Massa as he tried to escape


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