Geosteady Already Fired Up For His Concert

Some people might think Geosteady is still in the USA for the UNAA convention but the musician is already in the country and ready for his first concert slated for this Friday at Imperial Royal hotel.

Straight from the airport, the musician went straight to the hotel where a press conference was waiting for him.

Geosteady appeared so tired but that was understandable. He answered all the questions that he was asked among which how ready he was.

“This concert being my first in six years since I joined the music industry, I’m more than ready to give my fans an experience they have never seen before. I will be stepping on stage at 9pm but during some intervals, I will have other artistes entertain them,” he said.

Geosteady (in black) at speaking at the press briefing

The show is going to have three sessions, the first having the self-proclaimed ‘Blackman’ singing mostly his old songs like ‘Viola’ among others. The second session will have him sing mostly collaborations while in the last; he will perform new ones like ‘Owooma’ and ‘Tokendeza’ to mention a few.

Geosteady’s music career has been on the rise ever since he chose music for a career six years ago and on Friday, he will be weighing himself to see the level he’s on.


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