Geosteady Humbled By Talent Exhibited By Disabled Children

One of Uganda’s trending RnB singers at the the moment Geosteady enthusiastically cared and served disabled children at the ‘Fenna Tujjune’ launch amidst shock of talents they inhabit. The event took place last Weekend at Mulago Hospital Guest House Gardens, Kampala.

‘Fenna Tujjune’ launch party themed ‘advocacy for PWDs’ social inclusion’ was to socially bond children with disabilities with their other ‘normally born’ children, make friends, learn and have fun together.

The singer who was invited as the guest performer was overwhelmed after seeing how mentally and physically dissimilar they are yet with productive abilities and skills. This shocked him wondering about why the music industry hardly cares for such people as he encouraged and served them food.

“Am so surprised and shocked of what I have seen here, we as musicians we spend most of our time investing in businesses that are useless yet we can offer a hand to these children so that they can live a happy life as any other child,” Geosteady explained.

Geosteady (3rd L), Ramona Shantal (in Maroon T-shirt) with Fenna Tujjune members

He went ahead appreciating the “effort done by ‘Fenna Tujjune’ team to bring these children together to socialize and meet new friends” regarding social responsibility.

The organization advocates for social inclusion, equal opportunities, respect for their (PDWs) rights among others.

“We aim forward to be the voice for the PWDs children, create a forum for the PWDs children, advocating for the social inclusion for PWDs in children especially in school and the employment world” said Ramona Shantal, ‘Fenna Tujjune’ co-founder.

In addition, the organisation apparently “ensures linkage of PWDs victims with people, institutions like schools for-example Green Hill, Taibha” willing to support them.

Geosteady plays with some of the children

Way forward, ‘Fenna Tujjune’ looks forward to “sensitizing the masses about the rights of the disabled children” to be equally treated as normal citizens than being discriminated.

Additionally, “seeing disable children being enrolled in National sounding schools studying as normal children and achieving their dream jobs in different professions”, Ramona uttered.

Alongside Geosteady’s performance, the event considered talent showcase; dances and a poem by Children of Uganda Discharger Prisoners Aid society, art craft from Silent Angels’ kids.

A number of centers caring for PWDs including; Silent Angels (autistics children) CEVIS (Centre for visionary Impaired children, Bless a Child Foundation (taking care of children with cancer) UDPAS (Uganda Discharge Prisoner Aid society) for children of prisoners, Terza Home of Orphans, Home of Hope in Jinja, and St. George Foundation Owned by Geosteady, attended and presented talents in art and crafts, music, dance and poetry.

About Fenna Tujjune

‘Feena Tujjune’ was started by a team of youthful orphans who wanted to give back and motivate their fellow younger orphans in homes. It was founded in 2014, however changed its mission in 2016 to creating awareness of the rights of PWDs and advocating for their social inclusion. This came as a result of one of them losing his leg in the motor accident and suffered PWDs rights abuse by a traffic officer a period later yet with artificial leg.

This is when the organization acknowledged that PWDs need an active voice to change their story. The organization is currently based at Mulago hospital guest house.

In conclusion, ‘Fenna Tujjune’ calls upon the government, corporate companies, parents and schools for supportive hands regards actualizing PWDs victims’ dreams. The event was supported by; MTN Uganda, Movit Uganda, Jessa Diary and Mulago Hospital guest


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