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Geosteady Outs ‘Sorayah’s’ Music Video Dedicated To His Daughter

Did you know that Geosteady is a married man who even has a beautiful 11 months old baby girl?. Well, of the five years Geosteady has been living with the wife Nasozzi Prima, God has blessed them with a girl they named ‘Sorayah’. The song ‘Sorayah’ was named after her and it happens to be her dedication at that.


Geosteady holding his baby Sorayah as his wife Prima feeds her

Chano8 contacted Geo Steady for a comment and he had this to say. “I love my daughter like I have never loved anything else.”


Geosteady’s daughter Sorayah

It is a reggae appreciation song whose audio was produced by Zion K and Geo basically sang about how great it is to have a baby girl. Its video which was shot and directed by Joni Musisi begins with Geosteady and the wife walking some where with their baby. Geo is seen swinging hands in the air, an act symbolising he is a happy father.


Geosteady tries out baby sitting his own daughter

Still having a good time with the daughter and wife, in some scenes, Geosteady is seen holding the kid up side down and taking selfies too, as they walk to the beach. In other scenes, The ‘Viola’ singer and CEO Black Man Entertainment Crew goes swimming in the swimming pool where he tries to make the little baby swim as he holds her tight in his arms.


Geosteady and the daughter having a good time in the swimming pool

The video is for sure nice with a good print and I believe Geosteay is one of the artistes who have expressed appreciation of having a baby through a song and we hope to see more songs and videos from other artistes who have babies.

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 Watch ‘Sorayah’ by Geosteady below



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