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Geosteady Relieved After Real Father Of Child He Was Accused Of Neglecting Shows Up

Some people have called it a stunt for him to get back in the news while others have crucified him for siring a child with a woman and failing to meet his responsibility but singer Geosteady has been quiet on the matter since last week since on Friday

On Tuesday he decided to a DNA test which was the only way for the truth to come out once and for all.

With the results not yet out, new developments have emerged and they have put a sigh of relief to Geosteady because the real father of the child finally showed up.

Josh Nyanzi, came out on Tuesday and confirmed that he is the real father of the child that Noreen Nalubega Nabweteme claimed was fathered by Geosteady.

Surprisingly, Noreen also accepted that Josh is indeed the father of her child but had had taken him for Geosteady because they kind of look alike. She also went ahead and asked for forgiveness from the musician.

Earlier on Wednesday, Geosteady’s fiancée Prima Kadarshi took to social media to rant “So now Nabweteme n other pipo are calling mu husband telling him ey have seen the real father of the kid n ey are ready to pay damages after the DNA.”

Meanwhile, Geosteady was all smiles after receiving this information. He shared a photo of him shaking hands with Patrick Onyango, the police spokesperson and captioned it ‘First day to smile since Friday’. Implying that since last week he had not smiled because of what was happening.

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