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Geosteady Signed By Jamal’s Manager Bridget

The redone version of “Viola” was Geosteady’s breakthrough song although it backfired after the late Elly Wamala’s family dragged him to the courts of law for allegedly not getting permission from them to redo the song.

But that didn’t deter the artist to continue his musical journey and in the process he released “Apaana, Sente and the latest Nawuuma among other tracks and this maybe is the main reason he’s joined Bridget to manage his musical career.

Bridget, Jamal's manager

Bridget, Jamal’s manager

He has become the second artist after Jamal to be signed by Nisha Bridget whose experience in talent management can’t be questioned.

“We’ve been friends with Geosteady for a very longtime and when he approached me to manage him, I couldn’t refuse because he’s talented, has good vocals and disciplined. I’m going to manage him, handle his finances, bookings and everything that concerns his music career.” Bridget explained.

Geosteady has been doing his thing as a solo artist but decided to join Bridget because of the way she has handled Jamal’s music career to heights.

Geosteady to reignite his career

Geosteady to reignite his career

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