Geosteady’s Maiden Concert Fills Up Imperial Royale Hotel

All photos By Habre Muriisa/Chano8

Those who underestimated singer Geosteady and thought he was not  going to be able to hold a successful concert should have been at the Nakasero based Imperial Royale’s Crane Hall where his first ever sold out Geosteady Live In Concert went down.

Hosted by MCs Ronnie McVex and Izzy, it was a red carpet kind of set up event that had live thrilling performances and other lots of fun things that took place. A special round of applause goes to all the sponsors, fans and well wishers who thronged the venue in large numbers to support the ‘Owooma’ singer.

Geosteady stepped on stage at exactly 13 minutes past 10 PM to officially unveil what he had in stock for the attendees who from as early as 6:30 PM had been waiting for him. All geared up and shouting on top of their lungs, they welcomed the artiste who started off his performance with songs ‘Mbuuza’, ‘Nawuuma’, ‘Sente’, ‘Ndiwamululu’ and ‘Imagine’ before he went for a brief break to change cloths.

Geosteady had nothing a spectacular performance

This is just part of the crowd

During the break, Luga Flow artiste Fic Fameica took to the performed too and later Geo came back for second round continuing with ‘Apaana’, ‘Same Way’ alongside Lydia Jazmine, ‘Owooma’ alongside Rwandan girl duo Charly and Nina which brought the crowd on the feet as they sang along. Shortly after, he went for another break leaving Charly and Nina to sing their other songs.

Lydia Jazmine joins Geosteady to perform their ‘Same Way’ collabo

Geosteady joined by singers Charly and Nina from Rwanda with who they sang the ‘Owooma’ collabo

Goesteady’s last round saw him perform ‘Lwa Mbeela’, ‘Wamanyi’ before he cried because of the overwhelming number of revellers who had filled both the ordinary and VIP sections to capacity. After a few seconds of  what seemed like crying as he knelt while bowing down, he resumed his performance with his last songs  that is ‘Viola’, ‘African Lady’ and finally the fans’ favourite ‘Tokendeeza’ which he sang as he passed through his fans.

Geosteady crying tears of joy after fans came in large numbers for his maiden concert

Geosteady performing Tokendeeza

However, apart from Geosteady and the other artistes mentioned above, there were other artistes like King Saha, Maro, Fille, Tip Swizzy, B2C, Big Eye, Ykee Benda, Fille, Dj Pius (from Rwanda) and Emi Rian who also had breathtaking showcases that kept the fans entertained throughout the show and if you attended, you will agree with Chano8 that the crowd was cheered up from start to end.

See more photos here but keep your eyes here for the full pictorial soon

Geosteady performing as his father watches

Geostead’y Wife in cheering up her husband

King Saha performing

B2C performing


Maro performing

Fille Mutoni performing

Big Eye performing

Ykee Benda performing

Geosteady’s camp members from Blackman Phamily represented





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