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Get Well Soon: Weasel Celebrates Radio’s 33rd Birthday

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Today the 25th of January, singer Radio has made 33 years but it is very unfortunate that Radio is going to celebrate his birthday in hospital following the nasty head injuries he sustained on Monday after he got involved in a fist fight at the Freedom City Mall based bar ‘De Bar’.

It was reported that Radio poured bear at the bar boss which in the long run splashed at some clients there by being commanded to leave the bar. As he left, that is when he exchanged the fists with an unknown man who allegedly beat him up thus ending up in Case Hospital where he is undergoing treatment

That left aside, Radio’s college Weasel who has been silent since then took their official Facebook page and shared his birthday message to Radio

“Happy Birthday Day My Broda aka Rich Bouya aka Small Boss …..We come from FAR mi don…..
Am speechless Bro #GetWellSoon” 
Weasel Wrote

Apart from Weasel who was not with Radio by the time the fight happened, other fans have also take to social media to wish Radio a happy birthday and quick recovery messages to the now 33 year old singer.

We however went further to ask Radio and Weasel’s manager about Emma Carlos about Radio’s current situation and he confirmed to us that fans and well wishers needn’t worry about a thing as the ‘Neera’ singer is becoming better every passing day.

“Fans don’t need to be worried a lot, the man is going to be ok. He is improving although he has not yet talked since then.” Emma Carlos told Chano8

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