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Ghetto Kids’ Patricia Speaks Out On Pregnancy Rumours

Now that the Ghetto Kids are back in the country from the US, all the rumours are being put to rest but the one which has been on many people’s lips is whether Patricia Nabakoza is pregnant.

Well, the 13 year old came out recently and clarified on that matter saying she’s not pregnant as alleged. “I am not pregnant as it was said. I have never been pregnant and I am not planning to any time soon.” she said.

Ghetto Kids’ dancer Patricia rubbishes pregnancy rumours

Patricia’s pictures emerged when she seemingly appeared to have a swollen stomach and bloggers as well as some websites were quick to point out that she was pregnant while others went ahead and claimed French Montana to be responsible.

Speaking on this same topic, their manager Dauda Kavuma condemned the rumour saying that it demotivated Patricia as well as others.

“It was so wrong for people to say Patricia was pregnant. She’s a role model to many young girls and if they read such stuff it’s not nice,” he said.

Also adding that people should instead praise them for lifting the Ugandan flag high just like they do to sportsmen when they win medals.


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