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Ginuwine, Mya And 112 To Wow Kenyans This Weekend

Kenyans are to be treated to soulful ballads from legendary icons Mya, 112 and Ginuwine who were major hits during the 90’s. Forget about the urban artists of these days who are telling you about how it goes down in the DM or how they are in love with the coco, you name it. Ginuwine used to wow the ladies with his amazing break dance moves and shirtless moves and if any of them weren’t working, his soulful vocals would just drive the point home.

Ginuwine ready to thrill Kenyans this weekend

Ginuwine ready to thrill Kenyans this weekend

He made almost every boy wish they could dance but if you failed in your attempts you would get a tap on your back for well done, even though it was a consolation. Known for songs like in those jeans, differences and pony among others, his songs often made it to the dedication section for a boy writing a love letter to a girl in a different his school.

For Mya’s case one from her striking beauty to her amazing vocals, got artists like the Game wishing they were dating her while others could argue that she single-handedly took on the Destiny’s child. Known for songs like Case of the Ex, moving on, fallen she was literally almost every boy’s favorite female artist.

Mya will definitely get the crowd ululating

Mya will definitely get the crowd ululating

American boy band 112 are mostly known for their popular hits, hot and wet, dance with me, peaches and cream which often received a lot of airplay on local radio and TV stations.

With that said, Kenyans are definitely in for a treat. According to ghafla, the artists have already arrived in Kenya ahead of their concert this weekend. ‘The two are expected to headline this year’s edition of ‘The Plot’ by Property Reality Company (PRC)’s alongside American R&B quartet 112.’

The Plot will take place at the waterfront, Ngong race course.

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