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Gitawo ‘Uses Vivian Birungi’ To Revenge On SK Mbuga

After conning him of 77million shillings, ‘The Money Team’ C.E.O Cameroon Gitawo has again lashed out at SK Mbuga by moving out with his (Mbuga’s) newly introduced wife-to-be Vivian Birungi.

This comes after the re-union of SK Mbuga and Leila Kayondo which saw Mbuga giving Leila Sh10m for her birthday party which later culminated into physical assaults and later SK’s imprisonment.

gitawo 1

Gitawo and Birungi having a blast

Vivian Birungi from Sweden looked for a better way to revenge and as luck might have it, the Gitawo’s feud with him emerged. She used this opportunity to board the next plane to South Africa and linked up with Gitawo. The two hit different bars and eat-outs and as if that wasn’t enough, they kept posting pictures about their expeditions.

gitawo 2

The two move tightly together


However, according to Kakensa Ndugga, a renowned blogger, Gitawo confirmed that Vivian has been his girlfriend for long, and added that he has never knew anything about the Mbuga-Vivian relationship.

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