‘Give Fresh Daddy A Chance’ – Bebe Cool Tells ‘Mazike’ Singer’s Critics

Having been in the music industry for more than 25 years is not by mistake for Bebe Cool. In fact, he once said he kept some pages of the industry for himself as he was handing over the Ugandan music industry book to other artistes.

With this, his voice is given much attention when it comes to certain topics. Topics like Fresh Daddy father to young rapper Fresh Kid joining the music industry.

Already some people like Mc Kats are disappointed and pissed with him joining because they think he’s not talented enough especially when it has reached a point when they are fighting to get copy right law. The man just released a song called Mazike which has received a fair media attention.

Mc Kats is critical of Fresh Daddy and thinks he is joining a wrong profession.

However Bebe Cool thinks otherwise. He says its so ridiculous trying to put down or fail a man who is trying to better his life from a nail polisher (manicurist) to an artist/musician. He believes the criticism and bashing should be left for the audience because they are the consumers of music.

“I saw my brother mc KATS sending the man away from stage and i have heard many totally putting him off but don’t u think that should be left for audiences to choose on who they want to watch?”

In the news: Fresh kids father released a song called ‘Mazike’ and gave himself the stage name Fresh Daddy.

“With my experience, Ugandans can accommodate anything or anyone as long as they are happy with it or him and then remember they will ask him away as long as he is of no more use/entertainment to them. But by that time he will have saved some money enough to become better and maybe even take care of his family too as you saw the wife was complaining about him not being there for them,” he stated in a post.

The ‘Nkuliyo’ musician also called on Ugandans to support and appreciate Fresh Daddy because he has not opted for theft or killing Boda boda riders but rather a choice that allows revellers to decide for themselves if they want to give him the MAZIKE or not. “So let’s allow all Ugandans to make money any how anywhere as long as they abide by the law and they don’t hurt anyone.”

With many artistes now preferring to join politics, may be Bebe Cool has a point as the void they have left has to be filled up.


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