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Glitz And Glamour As Kyaddala: Its Real TV Series Officially Premieres

Last night was an epic moment that will go down history lane of the Ugandan movie industry as the long awaited Pan African series Kyaddala: It’s Real had the official World Premiere. The Black Carpet affair event full of glitz and glamour was characterized by fun and merry making as well as edutainment.

It was the moment to introduce the stars, cast and crew to the public as well as unveil the TV show officially to the world. There were networking sessions as well as a chance for journalists to interview some of the stars as well as production crew.

Kyaddala: Its Real examines the relevance of teachers, counselors and fellow peers on imparting of information especially on sexual and reproductive health. The production airs on NBStv starting this October

“Kyaddala is one way of using film and storytelling as a way of changing young people’s lives through highlighting and addressing their sexual reproductive health challenges.” Said Humphrey Nabimaya Founder and Team Leader Reach A Hand Uganda.

Humphrey speaking yesterday at the premier of Kyaddala.

The invite-only event hosted at Kingdom Kampala was well attended as most of the guests honored their invitation. They turned up dressed to kill looking elegant in their (mostly) black evening gowns and blazers punctuated with a little gold here and there as dictated by the dress code and theme.

The event had to sessions with Comedian Richard Tuwangye and Rachel Kay hosting the first part as they guests arrived on the massive black carpet. The highlight being the actors and actresses arriving in monster SUV rides, driven Hollywood style as some got loud cheers from fans waiting by with their reward being signed autographs.

Stunning Anita Fabiola (Left) at the Black Carpet after being interviewed.

Notable among those who received rapturous cheers were Muti-award winning actor Rushabiro Raymo, celebrity couple Mathew and Eleanor Nabwiso, Reach A Hand Uganda (RAHU) founder and Team Leader Humphrey Nabimanya, actress and TV personality Anita Fabiola and Director of the series Emmanuel Ikubese.

Emmanuel speaks to the hosts after arriving 

Entertainment was by Steve Keys, Kenneth Mugabe and Allan Toniks who kept serenading the audience as they enjoyed free-lowing cocktails and bites, were later joined by the likes of Nutty Neithan and Nina Roz among others. The DJs too has a session for the Party to continue till late.

The second session which was at the 10th floor was mostly dominated by discussions about the series as the organisers Reach A Hand Uganda, sponsors, partners and part of the cast shared their experiences about the project and importance of storytelling as well as the right media used to pass the relevant information to the youth.

“We need to change the way we communicate to young people and Reach A Hand Uganda is taking that direction. They (youth) understand things better through film, storytelling, and edutainment in general.” Said Joe Kigozi, Board Chairman Reach A Hand Uganda.

Joe Kigozi (Left) gave his remarks on the production during the panel discussion.

The first episode was then aired to officially launch the production before guests left at leisure way past midnight.

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