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GNL Zamba Claims To Have Made 1 Billion Shillings From His New Album “The Spear”

Although a lot of people are still in doubt, Baboon Forest Entertainment CEO rapper GNL Zamba claims he has made Ug Shs 1 billion from his latest album “The Spear”.

He says he made the money through streaming his music to a worldwide audience, which many local musicians do not have.

He says though his music is not played on local radios and Television stations, he still managed to get over 100,000 paid for downloads on his website gnlzamba.com

“100,000 Paid downloads on an independent platform I own and control, (not spotify, not YouTube or Apple) but gnlzamba.com” He said on his official Facebook account a few days ago

The rapper disclosed that some of the things that helped his album make that money was his understanding of email marketing, understanding ownership and the purpose of the Afropunk (Hiphop / Rock) movement in fighting for justice in the era of universal Pan Africanism and Black Lives Matter, and above all a monetized fan base.

Meanwhile, “The Spear” album is about empowerment through a universal black economy

Recently, President Yoweri Museveni said the government is going to help artists build systems through which they can sell their content online and make money rather than waiting for concerts.


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