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“Go Do A Teeth Surgery”- Full Figure Hits Back At Rabadaba Over Calling Her A ‘Lowlife Illiterate’

It seems like Dancehall singer Rabadaba and motor-mouthed presidential advisor Full Figure’s verbal war is far from over.

The war was sparked off by Full’s comments about Rabadaba’s recent introduction ceremony.

Like a week ago, Maggie Kiweesi who is late Dancehall singer AK 47’s widow and mother of twins, introduced Rabadaba to her parents and this got Full Figure talking a lot.

In her own words, she said that the ceremony was attended by a lot of people who exceeded the number (20) of people whom the Ministry of Health said should attend weddings and introductions due to the outbreak of Covid19

In response, the ‘Mukyamu’ singer didn’t have any kind words for Full Figure whom he angrily referred to as an ugly lowlife illiterate seeking for attention and that her opinions don’t matter.

“Who is Full Figure? That is nonsense, she is an illiterate, she is a low life, she is even ugly, I even feel sorry for the men that sleep on that woman. Since when does her opinion matter? Who is she?” Furious Raba said in an interview with a local online TV.

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Defiant Full Figure who in addition to complaining about the big turn up at Raba’s introduction, said that Maggie has been in many relationships with different men told Raba to simply stop wasting his good time attacking her but rather go for a teeth surgery and also stay at home and does house chores for Maggie who in this case she says is the ‘man’ in their relationship.

“The time he spends on Full Figure he better go for a teeth surgery so that they get in shape. I don’t even want to talk about her because even the late AK is more valuable than him because everyone is talking about AK’s widow” Said Full Figure in a recent interview with Bukedde TV

In the same interview, Full Figure insists that Maggie is the man this relationship

“He is unable, Maggie married him. Let him just stay at home and wait to be asked whether food is ready, whether he has washed the wife’s underwear and bras”

Watch Full Figure firing back at Rabadaba here



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