Golola brings down Mugula as clouds bring down rain

The chants “Golola, Golola, Golola by fans provided some entertainment on a cold night or morning if you were at Freedom City in Najjanankumbi where the most anticipated kick boxing fight between motor mouth Golola Moses of Uganda and Germany based Ronald Mugula took place.

Golola follows on the heavy puch that sends Mugula to th turf to 'finish him off'

There were no artists to provide the usual entertainment as undercard fights dragged on and on into Saturday morning. The highly billed non tittle fight lived up to the pre-match hype that had been building in the last few weeks prior to the Saturday morning show down between Uganda’s two top kick boxers.

The undercard fights featured a medical doctor from Case Clinic and even there was a third year student from Kampala University who was very impressive for his club Police. Though the undercards dragged for long, the fans kept busy blowing vuvuzelas and singing and chanting. And entertainment finally did arrive when stylish fighter Sharif Bukenya ‘The General’ took on Hamza Fungu. The kicks were flying and punches raining from the two fighters that brought the full house crowd to their feet. Showman Bukenya was declared winner of the fight by unanimous decision by the judges with some sections of fans contesting the result. This however did not put off Bukenya who celebrated by dancing on his belly and showing martial arts and acrobatics skills in the ring drawing wild cheers from the fans.

When the moment of the night finally arrived, the two kick boxers who were fighting to determine the ‘Undisputed king of kickboxing in Uganda’ were welcomed to the ring by a rare drizzle in the wee hours of Saturday morning(March 8th 2014). First out from the locker rooms was Ronald Mugula spotting that dare-devil trade mark hair style accompanied by Dr.Hiderman of the Mazongoto fame, his coach Musa Batantu and mean looking bouncers watching closely.

Golola Moses dressed in a golden gown  was the crowd’s favourite and came onto stage with appropriately chosen Gravity Mutujju’s ‘Winner’  song playing in the background. With his team led by coach Zebra Senyange, the deafening noise of ululation and vuvuzelas from the fully-packed Freedom City Arena that almost brought off the roof of the incomplete building.

And when referee James Ateenyi Mugume waved the fight on at around 1:43am it was Golola throwing the better punches and combinations, dazzling right from the onset. He had earlier promised to bring Mugula down’ just as he did to Titus Tugume and five rounds later there was always going to be one winner. Golola lived up to the hype by proving the better fighter on the night.

The self-styled kick boxer, returning to the ring for the first time since getting a contested win against Romanian Zoltan Poczo in November last year got the three judges’ nod with a unanimous 50-48, 49-47, 49-49 victory fare and square.

The consensus by majority who witnessed this victory was that Golola was more disciplined and professional. “Golola has really improved, I didn’t expect him to put up a good fight” a fan said after the match

Mugula who was out punched and out kicked by big talking Golola went down on several occasions onto the slippery turf. One such incidence at the end of fourth round brought out Golola’s dancing skills as he celebrated the fifth and final round of this ‘K-1 full contact style’ was just a formality with both fighters now cautiously seeing the time off. At this stage only a knock out would have saved Mugula’s night. He was so dismal that even his trade mark hummer kick was nowhere to be seen and some sections of the crowd claiming he had placed a bet.

And when the results were declared, Golola danced and punched the air “The mission is done and I am the undisputed king of kick boxing in Uganda. Mugula is a good fighter but there can only be one champion.” He said

Mugula who has lost his spark since the loss to Egyptian Abdallah Hessen in January said “I am still around, those are the results, let them be,” as he conceded defeat. “But I know I am better than Golola and I won’t ask for a rematch.” With those final words, the sky opened up and the rain fell as if to cool down ‘The Hot Temper’ who had just annihilated his opponent.

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