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Golola Wishes To Live With NBS TV’s Sexy Agatha In New House Given To Him By Rock Boom

Motor mouthed kick boxer Golola Moses was appointed the energy drink Rock Boom’s ambassador in 2015 and from then, he has visibly promoted the drink. It is for that matter that bottlers of the drink decided to reward him with a brand new house last week

In an exclusive TV interview  with NBS TV Pundonor  Magazine show, Golola shocked us when he disclosed that he wishes he could live in the new house with the show’s host one sexy Agatha Loswash

“I want to glorify God that this has come to happen. In fact this nice house should need a hot lady like this lady of Pundonor Magazine. Oh my God that lady, she can can be there on the bed in the sitting room, this is so amazing.”  Excited Golola said in the interview with  Pundonor Magazine show

Although we haven’t heard  Agatha’s reaction, Golola made it clear how he has a crush on her and also told her to watch out as he prepares to officially come to take  her for keeps

Watch Golola saying he wishes to live with NBS TV’s sexy Agatha Loswash

On top of being gifted with a new house, it has been a good year for Golola. The kick boxer who calls himself a hot temper has not lost to any one in his kickboxing field. He beats ‘Kasumali’ and Umar Semata in a much anticipated rematch in August





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