The Good, The Bad And ‘Pretty Ugly’ At Uganda Entertainment Awards 2017

Photos by Ruva Roy Collins/Chano8

The Uganda Entertainment Awards happened over the weekend, precisely on Saturday at Kampala Serena Hotel. Just like its name was expected to be an evening of entertainment, glitz and glamour. However, things turned on the contrary as a series of misfortune and mismanagement befell the event with one mess leading to the other till the end.

Revellers eventually got irked by the misdemeanours as the evening’s proceeding went on. Not all was gloom as of course there were a few positives here and there to talk about an otherwise forgettable event that some attendees harshly termed ‘The Uganda Boring Awards’. We will not go into details of who said what for now but straight into what Chano8 made of the awards gala.


SLEEK GUESTS: Almost all the few guests that turned up dressed to kill and were on point for the evening especially the nominees and those selected to hand over awards. In this era of slay queens and Kings, it was also an opportunity for them to display their latest collections and works of their latest makeup artistes.

GHETTO KIDS: The Ghetto kids winning the best Dance Group award came as a blessing in disguise for the event organisers as the youngsters fresh from a US tour instantly brought life to the dull event when they ran to stage to receive their award full of energy, valour and colour. The icing on the cake being Patricia’s acceptance speech complete with a new American accent but above all, she sounded more mature than most of our so called big artistes.

Eddie Kenzo joins the Ghetto Kids on stage before receiving their ‘Best Dance Group’ award.

MALAIKA NNYANZI: The former Urban TV presenter was supposed to Co-host alongside DJ Roja and Slick Stuart but due to financial issues the organisers had and disagreement over deals in the build up, towards the event things turned upside down and the smooth talking Malaika found herself alone on stage and diligently or rather painfully laboured to the end albeit showcasing some of the best designs by local fashion designers.

Malaika Nnyanzi with the U.S Ambassador Her Excellency Deborah Ruth Malac 


PUBLICITY: The build up to the event already had some bad publicity and the organisers thought it wise not to respond or say a word and it backfired badly as most people took what they read in the media seriously. Some reports had claimed the event was cancelled because sponsors had all pulled out in the last week while others said it was because the ‘service providers’ refused to show up at the venue because they were not yet paid. Well, the organisers chose to keep quiet and the results were terrible.

TURN UP: Related to the bad publicity, consequently there was very poor turn up with virtually no revellers who paid showing up. Most guests were either nominees or part of the entourage of representatives of sponsors which also eventually affected the flow of the event

TIME KEEPING: One misfortune led to another as the above eventually led to poor time keeping that forced the event to kick off at close to 10pm in the night and run till 1:00AM 

Most seats remained empty throughout the event

PERFORMANCES: The performances were so horrible that, we chose not to indulge in that discussion or name names for the sake of the reputation of the artistes who tried to at least just show up. And as mentioned earlier, it was only the Ghetto Kids who had some life in them and gave the revellers something to smile about.

SET UP: For an event that boasts of a ‘Red-Carpet feel’, the only thing close to that, were the rugged dusty carpets carelessly thrown at the entrance to Victoria Hall. We can confirm they were red.  The VIP tables were just there, although Coca Cola who were also sponsors helped to decorate them with all tribes of sodas that kept flowing throughout the evening in a variety of colours and tastes.


SERVICE PROVIDERS PULL OUT: To say this years’ Uganda Entertainment Awards were a mess, is an understatement. The awards gala was a total failure and embarrassment to the organisers. Rumours of Service providers pulling out of the event started streaming in on Friday and continued on D-Day with the organisers deciding not to say a word. Kabs Haloha the main man behind the awards was seen late Saturday dressed in shorts pacing up and down at Kampala Serena Hotel looking clueless, but still remained tight-lipped.

The revellers’ fears coming to pass as things started turning into nightmares as it was clear something was amiss with time running out yet nothing happening on the stage that looked half done with poor sound and lighting. Things got pretty UGLY after apparently DJ Roja and Slick Stuart who were supposed to be co-hosts pulled out of the event following other service providers like Silk events due to non payment of ‘commitment fees’ or something like that.

Abby and Anita Fabiola were forced to announce winners without knowing the nominees. They tried to light up the crowd by cracking some jokes but most people remained unmoved

The VIP tables were occupied by sponsors and nominees who were presnet

What followed was a series of mishaps and disorganisation leading to a disgruntled audience that lost patience as soon as the nominees’ list and video graphics disappeared and mobile phones were improvised to read the nominees for the different categories. Eventually the winners were just announced without the audience knowing the nominees. At least this helped run things faster and save the guests especially the U.S Ambassador to Uganda, from the excruciating boredom and shouts of ‘our money’ from the back-benchers.

NOMINEES SHUN EVENT: Service providers pulling out of event and disorganising the flow of the gala is understandable especially if the conditions are beyond the organisers. However nominees failing to show up for the event was really embarrassing as 95% of the recipients of awards were not available to physically receive their awards. Most chose to send ‘representatives’ or rather well wishers and fans to pick the awards with some bringing even more confusion to the already disorganised event by insisting on ‘saying something’ and end up saying nothing instead.

AND THE WINNER IS……WHO? Surprise winners are always appear once in a while and this happens the world over at different awards especially when fans are to decide by voting. However, if the ‘surprise winners’ become too many and even the winners are too surprised to walk to the stage, then something is definitely wrong. For starters who are the New Chapter Group? They won best Gospel artiste of the  year award beating the likes of celebrated singers Levixone and Exodus. While there was more comedy as little known Swengere Family walked away with Best comedy group accolade ahead of ‘international comedians’ like Salvado Idringi, FunFactory, Mand Rat and Chicko. It is better not to say much about band Cindy and Eddie Kenzo which will be subject of discussion for another day.

Kabs Haloha later sent apologies for the mishaps but this seems to be just the beginning of the ‘downfall’.

“On behalf of Haloha Brand Architects, the sponsors, partners and the organising committee, I would like to thank each and every one that attended the Uganda Entertainment Awards 2017 last evening at the Kampala Serena Hotel.
I would also like to extend my heartfelt apologies for all the mishaps, inconveniences and shortcomings that may have been experienced by our guests during the awards gala. With particular focus on the bad press being spread online, we do agree that there were some areas that we didn’t put our best effort, but these arose as a result of misunderstandings with some of the service providers,”
he wrote.

Chano8 will bring you more stories, highlights and Photos from The Uganda Entertainment Awards. Just keep the tabs locked on

A lonely usher follows proceedings at the recent Uganda Entertainment Awards.

Some of the representatives of the award recipients looked bored and confused. No one can blame them.

Smart: Roger Mugisha and his group from ‘Second Chance’ did not how ever disappoint in the looks department.



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