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Goodlyfe’s ‘Skywalker’ To Feature As A Soundtrack In Hollywood

They say, ‘good things always come to those who wait’ and that is exactly what the Goodlyf duo have achieved after one of their latest songs has been chosen to feature as a soundtrack in one of the Hollywood movies yet to be named.

‘Skywalker’ which is one of the current songs on their latest album will be used in a movie that is going to be released mid or late this year and Weasel couldn’t hold back his excitement about this milestone when he posted on his wall that. “We have just sealed a deal with Hollywood. One of our songs to Soundtrack in one of an upcoming movie.”


Radio and Weasel going places

This comes during a time when the duo is embarking stamping their music authority on the continent once again after it had waned recently. They are now shooting pretty nice videos and going by their promises last year on how they are going to change the face of the industry, we can only wait for the best.

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