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Gospel Artiste Levixone To Give Back To Charity

Levixone is one of the urban, fast rising, young and ambitious singers the Ugandan gospel music industry has, he is a ghetto youth who grew up in the slams of Kosovo-Lungujja Kampala with his mother, step father and 9 other siblings he didn’t share a mother with.

Growing up the ghetto, Levixone faced a lot of challenges which he personally said didn’t like but had nothing to do, that’s when he met a friend who he refers to as a brother at the age of 7 up to date. He said this friend called Trinity Emma came up with an idea of giving back from the little they have achieved to Kosovo Ghetto kids through charity.

Last year they did this with a theme dubbed Kosovo Challenge For Christmas where they fed over 1000 poor families a thing that inspired him to turn it into an annual event. “I had my first ever enjoyable Christmas when I was thirteen years old” Levixone told Chano8.

Levixone giving back to the needy

Levixone giving back to the needy

Since it is an annual  charity giving exercise, Levixone has come up with a fresh and bigger one this year which will take place this Saturday the 12th 0f September in Kosovo slum. This year’s theme is ‘ Join Hands To Bring Change’. They will be basically be giving out all scholastic materials to Kosovo ghetto school going kids, plus praying with them and advising them positively.

 He also has a charity organization called ’92 Hands’ and he is calling upon people to join hands with him and bring change to Kosovo a place where this hot gospel singer grew up from. To give a helping hand in the Kosovo Challenge Go Back To School, 0782360506 is the number to use for mobile money.

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