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Gospel Singer Ruyonga ‘Insists’ That Prophet Mbonye Is Jesus Christ

Photo by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

Gospel rapper Ruyonga shocked his fans a few days ago when he posted on his social media that Jesus Christ and famous Prophet Elvis Mbonye are the same person.

“I see no difference between my father Prophet Elvis Mbonye and Jesus, really. Happy Birthday Greatest Prophet of our generation, an awesome revelation of our Lord and King Jesus,” Ruyonga wrote during Elvis Mbonye’s birthday.

After being roasted on social media for this equation, the ‘Tutuse’ musician has even made a bigger statement today still on his social Facebook page that might even cause more controversy from the public.

Ruyonga this time around said that Prophet Elvis Mbonye IS Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God himself.

“Good morning. The post I made on Prophet’s birthday was abit vague, so I’ll clarify. Prophet Elvis Mbonye IS Jesus, made visible, He is the Holy Spirit, made audible. And He is God himself made accessible,” part of his post reads.

Here is Prophet Elvis Mbonye whom gospel singer Ruyonga claims is Jesus Christ 

Ruyonga has always been quick to defend and praise Mbonye whenever the opportunity arises but this time he has gone a bit far with his post especially to someone who is a staunch Christian.

The whole thing of Mbonye being called Jesus was sparked off by an interview where Mbonye said that he had had an encounter with Jesus Christ during a visit to heaven.

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