Government Proposes Tough Rules To Regulate Performing Arts In Uganda

Whether Ugandan artistes like or not, the Ministry Of Gender, Labor and Social Development out of the blue released a list of 10 rules and regulations which our very own local artistes will have to follow going forward.

The rules which are now a hot topic of discussion tackle different things like hygiene, indecent dressing, and drugs among others.

No artiste shall be allowed to hold a public performance when he or she is not registered with the ministry in charge of culture. All artistes will also be required to submit all their work for approval by the Uganda National Culture Forum.

The rules go on to state that any entertainer who performers stage plays and public performance without a valid practicing performing certificate shall be punished. As for the artistes who use prohibited drugs as energy boosters for stage performance, this will not be allowed.

As if that is not enough, no artiste or group of performing artistes shall be allowed to stage performances abroad without clearance from the minister responsible for culture. Indecently dressed artistes have also not been spared. Any artiste who appears indecently dressed will face disciplinary action.

All entertainers will be required to sign an ethical code of conduct with the event organiser or promoters which should indicate the penalties for the breach of the code of conduct.  An artiste or a group of artistes will not be allowed to enter into other public performance contracts on the same day unless the other performances shall be held four hours after the end of the preceding event.

Finally, artistes are required to ensure proper hygiene before entertaining fans

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