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Government To Organize Online Concerts For Local Artistes To Earn Money During Lockdown

The government is to set organize concerts for local artiste to make some money during lockdown

The project comes after they were told that the suspension on social events is still on place until when 22 million people are vaccinated against Covid-19, a target that is likely to take two more years to achieve.

The restrictions have forced musicians, artistes, comedy and drama groups to run to the office of Operation Wealth Creation to seek for Covid relief funds and it is the reason why they have rushed to form several associations of late.

Speaking to the media recently, Isaac Ruuci, a veteran gospel artiste, events manager and a board member of Next Media services said that the online concerts sponsored by the state and other sponsors like NBS TV will give artistes platform to perform and also be paid for their services until when they resume work when Covid-19 restrictions are over.

“This is the only chance artistes have to perform and make some money because all performers that we shall use at these events we are yet to announce will be paid for their services,” He said

Halima Namakula, the proprietor of No-End Entertainment, a music recording studio said revealed that they sold this idea to General Salim Saleh-the head of Operation Wealth Creation and the proprietor of Uga-Tunes, a digital content distribution company for musicians that started its operations in Uganda recently

Am one of the people that invested in Uganda’s music industry 20 years ago when I started No End studios and also bought Beat FM. It’s the reason why when I speak, they listen to me and am grateful that the idea of online concerts has been bought by the stakeholders of this music industry,” she said at the press conference that was organized at Next media services in Kampala.

She advised artistes not to form parallel associations and urged them to instead build the Uganda musicians association (UMA) and make it a voice of all musicians in Uganda.















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