Gravitty Omutujju Blasts Jennifer Musisi Over ‘Expensive’ Diamond Platinumz

The build-up to the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Charity concert held on Friday October 6th at Kololo Independence grounds was dominated by debate on the amount of money spend to hire Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz to headline at the event which was part of this year’s KCCA Carnival.

With many Ugandan artistes bitter about the rather huge amount (reported to be over 165 Million Shillings), many sections of the public too joined in the debate voicing their dissatisfaction for what they termed as an insult especially when the other Ugandan artistes combined were paid a paltry 20 Million shillings.

However, when it came to show time, the rest of the Ugandan artistes hired to perform alongside Diamond seemed to be resigned to the fact that may be the Tanzanian deserved the huge pay except one – Gravitty Omuttujju who openly attacked KCCA Executive Director Jenifer Musisi for ‘neglecting’ her own people and bringing a foreigner to ‘collect all our money’ to take away.

“I am disappointed in you Jennifer, how do you bring some one here to take away our money to Tanzania? We have equally good artistes here and you pay them peanuts. This is unfair” He ranted in street Luganda straight to Musis who was the chief guest and seated uncomfortably at the VVIP section.

Gravityy Omutujju raising his points during the KCCA Charity concert on Friday. Behind him is DJ Nimrod

A shocked Jennifer Musis (L) listens to Gravitty Omutujju on Friday at Kololo Independence Grounds

Gravitty who received one of the loudest cheers on the night as he stepped on stage, also bragged of being one of a few local artistes to fill up Lugogo Cricket Oval for a concert and therefore thinks he deserved better. His courage to say tell off Musisi on stage and in her face even made the fans more animated and they kept shouting words praising his actions “abewoo” Oli mutuffu, Oli  wakabi” they chorused.As if that was not enough damage done, Gravitty even followed up that rant with yet another long post on social media on Sunday defending his rant on Friday.

“If you feel aggrieved and fail to air out what suffocates your mind and complain in the corridors you are the dumbest coward in this world and I believe you have no reason to live. One scholar said if you have no reason to die for, then you have no reason to live on this world.” Reads part of his post.

 “As we commemorate this independence I kindly ask you dear promoters to always consider us first and pay as dearly as you pay those bu boys.” He added 


Cindy was one of the Ugandan artistes who performed alongside Diamond Platinumz

On the night where there was a long list of curtain raisers that had the likes of Levixone, Cindy, The Agent, B2C, Irene Ntale, Mun G, Geosteady, YKee Benda, Sheebah, Winnie Nwagi and Jemimah Sanyu the stage Gladiator, the performances seemed to be rushed with limited engagement with the crowd save for the Hosts Mc Kats, Mulangira Ndausi and Isaac Rucci who tried to keep the crowd lively. DJ Shiru too did his usual magic on the turn tables but it was only Gravitty who left a lasting print.

Jennifer Musisi waves to the crowd as she thanks them for turning up in big numbers

But the crowd was getting impatient as they waited for the main man Diamond who stepped on stage at 10:00pm. With expectations sky-high, the crowd welcomed him in a big way only to be let down by a low key performance where the Tanzanian spent close one hour singing songs the crowd is not familiar with. Perhaps Gravitty and the likes of A Pass, Vampino, Radio and Weasel who openly complained of the ‘exorbitant amount’ paid to him were had a point.

Tanzanian Diamond Platinumz is the man in the news for being paid a lot of money to perform in Uganda

The show was well attended though.



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