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Gravity Omutujju Roasted Over Request To Feature Bobi Wine On His ‘Abayampi’ Song Remix

As we still wait for controversial presidential advisor on media Tamale Mirundi to tell us the exact the meaning ‘Abayampi’ which is the title to his new book, rapper Gravity Omutujju saw this as a great opportunity to hit studio and record a song titled ‘Abanyampi’ too

In the new song that is full of message of encouragement to hard workers, Gravity hits hard at the ill wishers and lazybones in general who do want to work hard yet they expect to be provided for. He advises his listeners to try so much to avoid such people and remain focused on their jobs whether small or big.

Before the song could spend even a month in our ears, Gravity badly wants to feature musician-turned-politician Bobi Wine on its remix and needs any kind of assistance from any person who can make his dream come true

“I want to do a remix of my new song #Abanyampi with PRESIDENT BOBI WINE. Who can help me” Gravity took posted on his official Facebook page

Meanwhile, as we wait for a response from Bobi Wine, Facebook users have since then been bashing Gravity over his request to the Ghetto President

One Facebook users commented  Bro,Bobi is now a big and highly respected man in the international scene,i don’t think he can do such songs anymore.I love your musiq though but this song apaana”.

“Your songs derive no sense in the realms of intellectuality as oppose to his edutainmentive lyrics. Noonya level zo totumalira budde” Another commented

Here are more comments from irate Facebook users we have got for you



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