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Gravity Omutujju Succumbs To Pressure, Apologizes Over Pro-Domestic Violence Comments

Joking is fun and thing but it can turn into a bitter pill to swallow when not one, not two, but thousands of people are rubbed the wrong way buy one’s jokes.

Someone who has tasted the dose of this medicine is local rapper Gravity Omutujju who in a very recent interview, ‘jokingly’ made some pro-domestic violence sentiments and they have since then been met with outrage from the public.

So what did Gravity say? In the wake of the current deejay Weasel’s drama where it’s said that he (Weasel) allegedly assaulted his girlfriend and mother of his two children, Sandra Teta, Gravity was asked to weigh in on what he thinks makes artistes assault their wives or girlfriends. To the shock of the viewers, he said “they enjoy” doing so

“We enjoy, it’s an enjoyment. Do know how it feels seeing a person cry after you have beaten them, don’t you see it’s fun?”- Said Gravity

Netizens have since been and are still calling the “Mbuzi Zakutudde” rapper out on different social media platforms. It has not only stopped at that as a section of fans have even threatened to boycott his upcoming “Tusimbudde Ani Alina Enene” concert.

“Do Ugandan Corporate Brands have the effective Sexual and Domestic Abuse Policies in place? If so MTN UG should distance itself from perpetrators like Gravity Omutujju Weasel and so many others.” Said a Twitter user identified as Darlin In Kampala.

Meanwhile, Gravity seems to have succumbed to pressure as he on Friday afternoon took to his official Instagram account an issued a public apology in black and white and video.

“I like joking but I think I joked about something bad. I Gravity Omutujju inform you that I have never beaten my wife nor any woman from the day I came into this world. I have even never raised my hand to any female creature and there is a woman out there whom I have ever beaten, please come out. I don’t do that and I have never supported that act. I said those words when I was joking and I apologize to anyone who was hurt by my statements”.


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