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Gravity Omutujju’s ‘Mujje Tujjuze Cricket Oval’ Concert In Photos

All photos by Habre Muriisa

After Jose Chameleone successfully filled up Lugogo Cricket Oval at his Legend Hit After Hit concert, Luga Flow artiste Gravity Omutujju also proved to the other artistes that one of the most the ‘most feared’ venues can be filled up and this was manifested last Saturday night (30th of September) during his long awaited MTN and Club Pilsener sponsored concert dubbed ‘Mujje Tujjuze Cricket Oval’, Luganda for ‘come let us fill up Cricket Oval’

Lots of things took place like how the the other  headlining artistes thrilled the crowd  but in a nut shell, Gravity Omutujju has all reason to boast following the encouraging crowd he got for his concert that some music critics had said was not going to get such a crowd. However, the unthinkable happened and the Mujje Tujjuze Cricket Oval was s ell out.

Here are the photos we have for you

Fans came in large numbers for the concert (This is just part of the crowd)

People for sure came in large numbers

Gravity Omutujju had an awesome performance

Gravitty Omutujju taking to the main stage in an improvised lift

Gravity Omutujju’s mother (2nd right) in the VIP section

Fans record record video clips of Gravity’s arrival in a lift

Fans fidget to touch Gravity as he the lift drew nearer to the stage

Gravity Omutujju was smart so was his performance

The self proclaimed Luga Flow King doing his thing

Jose Chameleone performing

David Lutalo performing

Bukedde’s Teacher Teacher who was the host of the concert and comedian Senga Sebanga engaging one of the rich revellers who came to the satge

Gravity Omutujju’s mother arrives for the concert

Rena Nalumansi performing

David Lutalo performing as fans cheer

David Lutalo perfroming for Gravity Omutujju’s mother

B2C performing

Lydia Jazmine perfroming

Lydia Jazmine

Lil Pazo performing

The performances really excited the revellers

Eddy Kenzo (in white) and fashion designer Abryanz (in yellow) enjoying the performances

Fashion designers Abryanz (in yellow) and Kim Swaga (in red) in the VIP

Eddy Kenzo clapping as one of the headlining artistes perfromed

Fans cheering on Gravity as he performed

Gravity performance really got the fans’ attetion

Some of the revellers in the VIP section

Journalists converge during the middle of Gravity’d performance

Gravity smiles for his fans as he took to the stage in an improvised lift

Gravity Omutujju’s mother (2nd right)

Senga Justin Nantume joins Chameleone as he performed

Senga Justin Nantume does the bend over for Chameleone

Big Size Bebe Cool perfoming

Roden Y performing

Gravity Omutujju’s wife (in red) and their son with friends in the crowd

Chameleone and a friend in the VIP section


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