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Gulu-Based Singers Jenneth Prischa, Pamela Peace Donate Food Relief COVID-19 Task Force

Northern Uganda female artist Amony Jenneth popularly known as Jenneth Prischa of Rockstar Edutainment a local music label in Northern Uganda and colleague Anena Pamela aka Pam Peace on Thursday donated 50 bags of Posho through Gulu district task force.

While handing over the donation to the Task Force Chairman also Gulu RDC, Major Okot Santos Lapolo at Gulu District Health Offices, Prischa requested her donation be given to persons living with HIV/AIDS and Persons with Disabilities.

“I am concerned by the high number of people living with HIV/AIDS and Persons with disabilities in our city who can actually not support themselves during this global health crisis – COVID-19. They are struggling to get food and as an artiste, I thought of participating in this worthy cause by giving back to my fans who have supported me over the years but also affirm hope that someone out there cares for them”, Prischa said.

According to Prischa, the most ideal situation is for artistes in the region to come together, pool resources and join hands with the district to help aid the survival of the community during this critical time of need and defend their position in the society. Unfortunately they are the ones crying out loud for support.

Pamele Pam Peace was quick to say, that as long as artistes could still afford money to buy airtime, Internet data and transport themselves to the office of the RDC to lobby for food meant for the vulnerable, they could still hustle their way out unlike those who have no connections nor access and starving.

With an allegation that a list of 170 artistes had been submitted to the task force for emergency food relief, the two asked the Chairman of the Task Force to cancel their names from the list because they had not been consulted neither did they consent to the plan.

The food items being handed over to the task force

Major Santos Okot Lapolo applauded the two artistes for their support saying, the team spirit exhibited by the two is what the district wanted to closely relate to as he appealed to other artistes to come out and follow suit.

However, the General Secretary Mobilization Gulu COVID-19 Task Force also chairman LCV Chairman Gulu district, Martin Ojara Mapenduzi, voiced his concern over the drama and mockery instigated by some artistes on social media as disgraceful.

He said, “Some artistes on social media have turned this situation of Coronavirus for their drama, we just tend to ignore them but it is very bad. such behavior demoralized and water down the effort of the district task force.”

Mapenduzi confirmed receipt of 170 names of artistes seeking for support pending verification and assessment of the vulnerability status before the task force can make a decision.

According to Mapenduzi, some people living with HIV/AIDS and Disabilities had been identified and found in bad shape.

The taskforce had by Thursday started reaching out to them with food so as to enable them to continue with drug intake and this donation among others would be selectively given out to those who truly deserve.

About Jenneth Prischa / Rockstar Edu-tainment.

Jenneth Prischa is a multi-talented, Award-winning recording and performing artiste known for her  mind blowing Luo crafted songs with her thrilling vocals.

She is the co-founder of the Rockstar Edu-tainment a local music brand in Northern Uganda nurturing talent in both music and investment in social enterprises with a niche in garment making (Fashion).

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