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Guvnor Ace Explains The Reason Behind His Marriage To A 68 Year Old

Three months ago, he wasn’t known to the public, but apparently, Guvnor Ace is the most selling person on social media after his relationship with a 68 year old Lisa Johnson.

The Leone Island artiste in his mid twenties got married to Lisa a few days ago in a civil wedding in Kampala but this move was heavily criticized by several people on social media.

However, Guvnor Ace stood his ground and defended his decision by saying his wife is not a pensioner like how she’s termed.

Guvnor with his wife Lisa

Guvnor with his wife Lisa

“My wife is not a pensioner and she’s not a billionaire. I don’t like her because of her money. In fact, she’s still working like the rest of us and we support each other,” he said.

When asked how their relationship began, the artiste said it all began because of his ‘Gutujja’ video.

“She saw and liked my ‘Gutujja’ video on YouTube and she started following me. I sent her a friend request and we started charting from 2013. In the process, we realised we had alot in common. We both love dancing and we are adventurous. What started as charts on facebook turned into a serious relationship.”

It is reported that Lisa Johnson after getting married to the artiste, bought him a brand new Harrier car and is working on his US settlement papers.

It’s quite clear that both lovers are not going to have any children, but that is the least of Guvnor’s worries because he says they will probably adopt if they want.

The artiste is behind songs like ‘Lisa’ and ‘Gwenjagala’ all dedicated to his new wife.

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