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Guvnor Ace Now Dating Another Swedish Woman

Do you remember singer Guvnor Ace and his 70 year old Swedish wife Morna Lisa Larsson love affair saga a few years ago? The two love birds were the talk those days and as a matter of fact, Lisa took Guvnor to Sweden where they first resided before he dumped Lisa and fled to Norway over unknown  reasons although he later disclosed that he was just using her to run his projects.

Lisa who had deeply fallen in love with the 26 year old Guvnor cursed, cried and begged for his return but all in vain there by later hooking another Ugandan young boy a few months ago identified as Aziz in revenge of Guvnor’s mysterious leave.

After all that, Guvnor disappeared off the social scene until this week when he unveiled his new catch identified as Linnea from Sweden as well and excitedly, he unveiled her through a Facebook post.

Cutting off my Dread locks came with blessings now I am officially in a relationship with a cutie nothing to hide.Baana bange oyo yenyamwe ela bamuyita Linnea edala nalyo njadibangamba, byebyo munaye nvuga kanamba.” Guvnor Wrote on his Facebook account.

Guvnor Ace slaying it with his new catch Linnea

However, although Linnea’s age in not yet revealed, she looks way too younger than Lisa (70) whom people criticised Guvnor for dating although he kept a deaf ear those days. Meanwhile, with his new love, Guvnor seems to having a blast if his social posts are ones we should go by.

We are comfortable to say that hopefully Guvnor found love and starting a family with Linnea is probably a good choice for him.


Guvnor with his ex wife Mona Lisa Larsson before they broke up


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