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Hajj Moses Kigongo Moves On, Shows Off New Chick

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Two years ago, Hajji Moses Kigongo, the NRM National Vice Chairman was the talk of town after hooking up with NTV news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe. The two had made their relationship public but it reached a point when love turned into hate. Kigongo was chucked and he was so disappointed to the extent that, he even took reportedly militiamen to Faridah’s village in Masaka on learning that she was getting married.

Faridah on the other hand got married to Dr Omar Ssali from Dubai and Kigongo died in his own movie but that is all in the past as he has found new love in a new lady only identified as Sharifah.

The two came hand in hand as Kigongo was unveiling his Masaka road-based lavish 100 acre Maya Nature Resort. He was all smiles and explained to whoever wanted to listen that Sharifa is his new wife.

“This is my new wife,” he said as he showed off the woman.

Hajji Moses Kigongo and his new catch Sharifah (Photo credit: Daily Monitor)

We are still not sure for how long Kigongo has been with Sharifah but with the way he was treating her during the unveiling of his resort shows that their love affair is still fresh.

He was married to his longtime wife Mrs. Olive Kigongo, but their marriage hit a dead end when Hajji Kigongo hooked up with NTV’s Faridah whom he also later on bitterly fell out with.

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