Hanson Baliruno Showcases Energetic Dance Moves In Colorful ‘Give Me More’ Video

Up to now some people still doubt his singing ability but Stars Empire singer Hanson Baliruno has not let his doubters have his attention. He has continued to do and offer what he feels he does and offers best and that is music.

Putting the challenging life in lockdown where artistes are not making that much money, Hanson has not been hindered by that. On Monday he released a new audio and video to his new tune ‘Give Me More

Produced by Nessim and sung in Luganda language although he mixes in some English lines, ‘Give Me More’,  just like its title is a song in which ‘dissatisfied’ Hanson is asking the girl he is in love with to give him more time and every other thing she has to offer him.

Besides asking for more, Hanson highly praises the girl and sings about the way she makes him feel. He is in insane love and willing to take any risks to be with this chick.

The video

Shot and directed by Aaronaire of Aaronaire Pictures, one of main things this three minutes and nineteen second video feeds the viewer’s eyes is a lot of colour and catchy dance moves.

From the start to end, the multiple dancers wearing colorful and matching outfits do a good of spicing up the video with energetic dance moves, and in some shots, Hanson is seen joining them in to pull some rare dance moves which at some point are hilarious to watch.

The video also shows Hanson and the main video vixen in a public display of affection which is another thing a viewer might like about the video.

The choice of matching costumes and the choreography which done near to perfection are the most outstanding things about this video and by the time we went to press, it had garnered 2,465 views, 10 hours after it was premiered

Watch the video here

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