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Hard work and determination pays off. Charlie Denzel lands a new show on DSTV

Xfm host Charlie Denzel is one happy soul as he recently landed a new job with DSTV. To express his joy, Denzel took to social media to share the awesome news.

“GREAT NEWS: I now have my own show on DStv!

“You need to look at what your strength’s are and exploit them. For example, I am always reading the news for content for my radio show on XFM 94.8. So in my typical day I transverse so many interesting news stories and I thought to my self this is a strength!

“How can I make it work for me past my radio show?

“Why not do a video show, Denzel? I pressed myself.

“So I recorded some clips, sent them to the chaps at DSTV and they liked them and signed me up to do it” he concluded.


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