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Has Sheebah Shown Difiance To The Anti Pornography Committee?

Photo by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

A few weeks ago, after a meeting, the  Uganda Anti Pornography Committee led by Ms Annette Kezabu, decided to warn female Dancehall artiste Sheebah Karungi over her dress code.  The warning was mainly triggered by a photo of the artiste which Kezabu saw, showing Sheebah clad in a transparent costume which according to the committee was considered  highly indecent.

Days after, the ‘Nkwataako’ singer came out to hit back at the committee saying how she chooses to wear the cloths she is seen in because of her love for her sexiness.

“What we wear shows who we are as fashionable people. I love being sexy and wearing my own nice cloths. Sometimes they are long or short depending on the day but that does not make me stupid.” Sheebah explained

On top of issuing a warning to the singer, the committee further said that if Sheebah does not abide and change her dress code for better, she stands a risk to fall victim of a strong punishment. As we thought that Sheebah was going to change her dress code just like the Anti Pornography Committee wants, it seems she has not been moved at all after what we saw her clad in at the Bugolobi based Liquid Silk on Thursday the 29th of March.

While performing at the ‘Karma Thursday’ show organised by Liquid Silk, Sheebah excited the revellers which wouldn’t be a big deal because that is her game but she came in a worse outfit than the Anti Pornography Committee Chairperson complained about.

Sheebah came clad in a confusing attire which seemed like lingerie and performed most of her hit songs as people cheered her on with the men admiring her sexy body which was at disposal.

Basing on the fact Sheebah said she loves being sexy which the reason why she is seen wearing those revealing cloths, will the Anti Pornography Committee just leave her to continue with her dress code or will it take action like it threatened to? We shall leave this here

Sheebah clad in a lingerie at before taking to the stage at the Karma Thursday Show

Watch Sheebah Performing at Liquid Silk Bugolobi in a dress code similar to the one the Anti Pornography Committee had warned her about 


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