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Has Tuff B Abandoned Bebe Cool For Bobi Wine’s ‘People Power’?

A few years back, singer and TV presenter Tuff B was a very close friend to veteran musician Big Size Bebe Cool. At some point, he had a jacket with a word ‘Big Size’ written on its back. However, we don’t know what really  happened because the two no longer see eye to eye despite recording two collabo songs together.

Apparently, Tuff B has started educating people about musician-turned-politician Bobi Wine who just returned home from the USA where he had gone to seek better treatment following the injuries he sustained during the Arua by elections in August.

According to Tuff’s Facebook post, he pointed out that the moment is right for Bobi Wine despite being criticized by people who sit in their offices and have never been in the same situation themselves.

“Let me educate a few elites that say the moment is right for bobiwine but he lucks the substance and content forgetting this young man relates with a spectrum of youth that have grown through the trenches (a rose flower that germinates on Rocky ground).Very few of our youth ministers and mps understand that language e.g people like hon bahati state minister for finance or hon Frank tumwebaze the ICT minister hardly know the experience of sleeping hungry ,a landlord knocking at your door or even living a life of unemployment yet they may have the content and substance .the magic word here is( RELATION ) and that’s hon kyagulanyi Robert ‘s strength ,when he speaks he relates with that gheto youth that finish school and can hardly find a job or even on the streets vending airtime, that gheto youth that slept hungry last night and the only option for him to feed so they can liv the next day is to grab some one’s bag along the streets of kampala .thats his strength which has raised tension to a point of deployment like rebels are along entebe road in fear for this youth you hardly relate with,” He wrote.

Has the people Power craze got over Tuff B or has he crossed over to the Bobi Wine’s ‘People Power’ camp camp. We shall keep you posted.

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